One day ago, WannaCry hit millions of computers all over the globe, locking NHS computers, and causing severe damage.

Only a few hours ago, a researcher managed to find a ‘kill switch’, which has slowed its progress down.

But what if it happened again? On a bigger scale?

Could we have an A Digital Armageddon?

In 2012, Obama stated: “So far, no one has managed to seriously damage or disrupt our critical infrastructure networks. But foreign governments, criminal syndicates and lone individuals are probing our financial, energy and public safety systems every day. Last year, a water plant in Texas disconnected its control system from the Internet after a hacker posted pictures of the facility’s internal controls. More recently, hackers penetrated the networks of companies that operate our natural-gas pipelines. Computer systems in critical sectors of our economy—including the nuclear and chemical industries—are being increasingly targeted.”

Back in 1962, we had the Cuban Missile Crisis. Now, could we have a Computer Malware Crisis?

Within a few years, we could have a cyber war. When asked about how it might look like, Mort Zuckerman replied that a hacker “can tap into our computer networks and move money, spill oil, vent gas, blow up generators, derail trains, crash airplanes, cause missiles to detonate, and wipe out reams of financial and supply chain data.”

So maybe the nuclear missiles aren’t the most dangerous weapon of all time. Now, with a computer, skills and an internet connection, people could bring down a country with a tap of a key.

Power would go down. Communications and vehicles crash. Hospitals are infected.

Without any method of communication, it would be extremely difficult for politicians and leaders to get their act together.

Scary, isn’t it?

And it’s already happening.



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