1. This watering can is almost impossible to fill and cannot benefit anyone.


  2. This bottle looks like it came from Annabelle.


  3. Bad Design can even turn you into a white supremacist.


  4. This sign is as successful as the Titanic.


  5. People would leave feeling pretty gassed.


  6. Poor guy. He became a monster for no reason at all.


  7. How could anyone get up there? Or get down?


  8. Pure discrimination against disabled people.


  9. If someone mixed those up, they would not be alive for long….


  10. This toilet probably will never be repairable.

Zubair Beg

Zubair Beg

is a Web Developer, Blogger and Scout. He also runs a great nasheed website, and prefers to be a Baggins over a Took.


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