This is intended as satire, and not serious. But could it…

In 1976, The Omen told the tale of the “Antichrist”, the child Damien Thorne, who murders – well, basically anyone who defies him.

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This demonic child was born on the “6th hour, of 06/06/1966”. He was destined to return Jerusalem to his followers – satanists etc. He also would be born ‘into politics.’ Oh, and his first name began with “D” and the latter began with “T”.

Fast forward 40 years later.

A man, who was born (into politics) on the 14th of the sixth month June (yes, I know, that doesn’t add up) in the sixth year of the 1940s, is elected for president on the sixth year of the 2010s aged in his sixties. In December 2017, he declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel (his followers among many others.) And guess what. His name includes a capital “D” and “T”.

That’s right.

Donald Trump, the craziest man ever, is possibly Damien Thorne. 

Really. They are so similar. Both crazy power-hungry kids who want to destroy everyone who doesn’t bend to their will.

Interesting, no?

What do you think? Is Donald Trump Damien Thorne?