Drag and drop page builders have become hugely popular over the last couple of years. They allow anyone, regardless of their technical experience, to create beautiful pages in minutes.

One of the reasons they have become so popular is their user-friendly interfaces. By simply dragging and dropping blocks into the canvas area, you can create stylish designs that are as stylish, or as simple, as you like.

1. Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a popular premium page builder from Elegant Themes. While it’s most commonly used as part of the Divi theme, Divi Builder is also a standalone plugin that you can use with other themes, as well.

Unlike other page builders, Divi Builder lets you edit your content using both a visual front end interface as well as a back end interface, though most users will probably prefer the front end interface.

It lets you control the total design and content arrangement of your website with an intuitive frontend interface. Without tweaking (or even knowing) a line of code.

That’s what the Divi builder is meant for, to make the task of website building easier. Even for those who’ve never tried their hand on website making, the Divi builder works magic. No need to struggle with dashboard options. Add the modules, copy/paste them, edit them, all on the front end. So, what you see is what you get!

Divi builder’s functionality was already existent in the Divi theme which is their flagship product. The Divi theme is best known for its drag and drop controls.

2. Elementor

Originally launched in 2016, Elementor is one of the younger page builders on this list. But even though it got a late start, Elementor has quickly racked up over 1,000,000 active installs at WordPress.org, making it one of the most popular WordPress page builders in existence.

Its claim to fame is a quick, glitch-free visual interface, flexible styling options, and powerful other features like full theme building.

The Elementor interface is divided into two core parts, with a third area for some smaller settings:

  • 1 –The live preview of your design. It looks exactly like your visitors will see it. You can also type text directly in this interface, as well as drag and drop various elements to rearrange them.
  • – A list of elements you can use. You just drag them over. And when you select an individual element or section, this is where you’ll style it.
  • – A extra bar to help you access responsive previews, undo/redo changes, and other smaller features.

It also includes: 

  • Full theme building. You can use the same Elementor interface to build template parts like headers, footers, singles, and archives. Basically, you can build your entire theme with Elementor.
  • Global widgets. These let you reuse a common element across multiple pages and edit all instances of the global widget by just updating the global widget.
  • Embed anywhere. Use Elementor templates in other areas via widgets or shortcodes.

3. Visual Composer WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder, formerly known as Visual Composer, is another massively popular premium page builder. A big part of this popularity comes from the fact that WPBakery Page Builder is bundled with what seems like 99% of the themes at ThemeForest. But the fact remains that it’s used on a huge number of sites.

You insert new elements and style them using popups – there’s no sidebar area, nor is there inline editing.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this approach, but some people like it because there’s nothing to get in the way of the live preview when you don’t have a popup open.

WPBakery Page Builder offers 39 elements, plus all the normal WordPress widgets. Some of these elements would be combined in another page builder, though, so the actual number is more like 33+

However, compared to something like Elementor or Divi Builder, WPBakery Page Builder’s style options are a bit limited. You do have a good amount of control over rows, but the styling options for individual elements are a bit more limited.

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