When I first started using WordPress, my first thought was to build a site for my scout group, as theirs was extremely old (15 years) and built with Flash.

The Current Old Site (j4y.co.uk)

However, as I had no idea about design, it turned out horrible. At that time, I thought it was great. Now I regret it. 🙁

My first idea of their new website. Images, colours, layout – all horrible.

Then, two years later, I made a new design. It was still too dull.

The second design, two years later. Too dull.

Then about three months ago, I came up with a entirely new design. This is better as I have finally understood design – I think.

New layout, only three colours, new font. Simple but perfect.

Throughout all of these projects, I researched for a theme for scout sites. However, I came up with very old, tacky designs and themes for that.


So why is there not a good, modern, clean theme to use?

Here’s why.

  1. ‘It’s too expensive to get a good designer to do it.’ This is a common one. Many people feel that it’s cheaper to get a free pre-made theme, instead of investing into a web developer. However, there are many developers who will charge like crazy for a website, and won’t do it right! Others who are cheaper could do a better job.
  2. ‘Design doesn’t really matter. It’s the content.’ Actually, design does matter. Adobe did research and found that two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain. They also found that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.
  3. ‘We don’t know how to use all this modern software.’ This is a big problem. Most groups won’t switch their sites to a new one because they don’t know how to use it. In fact, their content management systems are really out of date (like the current J4Y site) and are falling apart, and have no security at all.

We need a new 2017 theme, that is light years ahead of its predecessors. We also need to take down old themes, and replace them with the future.

Zubair Beg

is a Web Developer, Blogger and Scout. He also runs a great nasheed website, and prefers to be a Baggins over a Took.

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