In 1666, a fire ripped thorough the city of London, for four days and nights, destroying the entire city.

Only eight people are known to have died.

Fast forward 351 years later.

In 2017, a fire ripped through a tower block, blazing for a day and a night, leaving just a shell.

89 are know to have died.

Strange, isn’t it? We were meant to be at our most advanced time and more.

We have a fire service. They didn’t have one. (It was created afterwards.)

We have safety regulations. They had none.

They had no alarms. We have advanced fire alarms (but not installed in Grenfell)

Their houses were mostly made from wood – flammable.

We have brick, stone, concrete, iron etc.

London was completely destroyed. One tower block was ravaged into a shell.

So if they had less than us at that time, why did more die in an “advanced” age?

We had everything that they didn’t have. Yet many more died in a fire in a tower block than in an entire city.

Strangely, people thought that the Grenfell fire was deliberately started by.. Muslims.

In 1666, people blamed it on the Catholic minorities and the French.

People love to blame.

But we have improved still.

After the fire, hundreds of Muslims came to a small area from all over the UK to provide aid for those victims of the fire.

After the fire of London, there were murders, executions, hangings, hate and more against Catholic and French minorities.

So what do you think?

Let me know in the comments.

Zubair Beg

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