Most people know Jurassic Park™ – the story of the dinosaur island and the failure to keep them in control. Interesting story, isn’t it? But how come that you can recreate animals such as a frog  and then there’s Dolly the sheep. So why couldn’t you do the same to Dinosaurs?

Reason 1: Their DNA’s too old.

DNA is too fragile, and if DNA is over 60 MYA (millions of years), it can’t be used in any way.

Reason 2: You can hardly find any fossilized blood-filled insects these days.

In fact, only one blood-filled mosquito has ever been found, and it was 46 MYA – 20 MYA too young to have fed on a dinosaurs.

Reason 3: Their choice of replacement DNA was wrong.

Frogs aren’t the closest relation to dinosaurs – It’s surprisingly birds! That’s why some species of dinosaurs had feathers.
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